An perfect travel stand to compliment the Weber’s Baby Q.


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  • Weber Baby Q BBQ stand

    The Weber Baby Q BBQ stand is an invention of Torsten Sampson of Outback BBQ Stands in South Australia. After making one for himself, and then seeing the amount of attention he got, Torsten got down to business.

    The stand is made to suit the Weber Baby Q, a terrific mobile barbecue for the travelling family. If you have used this great BBQ you're probably using it on a tray, tailgate, a table or the ground, This is about to change.

    The Baby Q fits snugly onto the stand at a good usable height, and provides a sturdy platform. Because the legs are telescopic and secured by small wing bolts, it can be easily adjusted for height.

    As we all like making the most out of every cubic centimetre possible in storage our camping setup, this stand will fill your requirements well. The legs close up and lie inside the frame, which then takes the BBQ on top, so it only takes up an addtion of 5mm of extra space under the Baby Q for storage.

    The stand is well made (in Australia, by Torsten), and covered in a quality tough powder coating. The stand includes one side table and as on option you can purchase a second handy side table, cutting board and sink.

  • Weber Baby Q BBQ stand includes:

    • 4 Legs,
    • Table, and
    • Frame
    • (Weber not included)

    Optional accessories:

    • Side table,
    • Wash bucket, and
    • Cutting board.

    Packing Dimensions:

    570 x 300 x 85mm (L x W x H)

    Set up instructions

    Step 1 take out the frame and turn it upside down

    Step 2 take all 4 legs and extend them until the spring clip locks into the extended position.

    Step 3 - back off all M6 wing bolts so that the legs can be inserted all the way into the leg sockets and tighten the wing bolts.

    Step 4 turn the stand the right side up and sit on the ground. If the stand is uneven or wobbles on the ground loosen off one of the M6 wing bolts on the leg that isn’t making contact with the ground and drop it down a little bit until it is firm against the ground then re tighten the wing bolt on that leg.

    Step 5 sit the side table on the stand lining up the notches with the vertical edge on either the left or right hand side

    Step 6 Lift the Weber into position and sit on top of stand. .

    Pack up instructions

    Step 1 remove the table

    Step 2 turn stand upside down and remove all 4 legs.

    Step 3 press round spring button in on legs and slide inner pole in until it is the internal length of the stand

    Step 4 turn stand the right side up, and sit table in the stand upside down

    Step 5 sit all 4 legs in between the table supports

    Step 6 sit Weber on top of stand and store away.


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