If you need a lightweight solar generator for your campsite, travelling or as an emergency backup power supply for cyclone or severe storm affected areas, then the Solarpod 240 is the answer. No one wants to be stuck in the dark during a mains power grid outage or when you’re outdoors, no matter what the reason. The Solarpod 240 Solar Generator is the most reliable and efficient portable power pack on the market to keep you powered up wherever you happen to be.

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  • Portable power pack – The Solarpod 240 Solar Generator

    Rev 1 Solarpod 240 in metal case which were demos - these have been updated with a new battery and Control board.

    A popular product to the Solarpod range; the Solarpod 240 Solar Generator – a revolutionary portable power pack designed to bring you efficient solar energy storage when you’re on the move.

    If you need a lightweight solar generator for your campsite, travelling or as an emergency backup power supply for cyclone or severe storm affected areas, then the Solarpod 240 is the answer. No one wants to be stuck in the dark during a mains power grid outage or when you’re outdoors, no matter what the reason. The Solarpod 240 Solar Generator is the most reliable and efficient portable power pack on the market to keep you powered up wherever you happen to be.

    The product

    The Solarpod 240 gives you the most reliable and convenient way of keeping your devices charged in an emergency or when you’re away from home. Weighing in at just 4.5kg this nifty portable power pack holds a full 240 watt-hours of rechargeable power (that’s enough to run your laptop for up to 7 hours, or to charge your smartphone up to 40 times on one charge!) so you've got the ultimate in portable energy. The Solarpod 240 Solar Generation is perfect to use;

    • At home
    • In your office or job site
    • While you're tavelling
    • In any remore location where mains power is scarce

    With outstanding reliability you know you’ll never be left in the dark again and this alone makes the Solarpod 240 a valuable investment.

    On one full charge Solarpod™ 240 can power:

    The Solarpod’s internal lithium (LiFePo4) battery and energy management system is highly advanced, featuring an impressively long life cycle and reliable performance. The Solarpod has a lifespan of more than 2000 charge-and-discharge cycles giving you a lifetime of use even if you use it frequently.

    With just one full charge of the Solarpod 240 you can recharge your mobile smart phone up to 40 times, your camera battery up to 27 times, keep your laptop computer charged for up to 7 hours and your portable stereo charged for up to 6.5 hours, and all using the power of the sun and some modern technology

    Absolutely no set up is required – this portable power pack allows you to just plug in and go! It can be recharged using an available electricity source or it can operate on its own in a solar power bundle available as part of our Solarpod range. Included in the box with the Solarpod 240 is:

    • AC Charger
    • 12V DC Car Charger
    • Cable to Connect Directly to a Solar Panel
    • Spare Fuses
    • Sturdy Aluminium Case

    The portable power pack needs to be charged for approximately 5 hours using a mains power source, 5-6 hours from solar panel or up to 8 hours using the 12V car charger. The Solarpod 240 is also fully covered by our 12 month warranty

    For more information on its operation and technical specifications, please see our Solarpod 240 User Manual.

    How to use the portable power pack

    The Solarpod 240 is extremely simple to use with no difficult set up or assembly required. It can be used straight from the box, making it convenient for you when you’re on the move and don’t have time to work through a complicated set of instructions. Get your portable power pack working in just a few simple steps:

    1. Charge your Solarpod 240 using either the 12V car charger, solar panel or the AC charger.
      Depending on selected method of charge this will normally take up to 8 hours, but may take a little longer the first time you charge it. If you are using the solar panel and the sky is cloudy, it will also take a little longer than normal. To ensure a full battery charge, keep charging it for another hour after it reaches 100%.
    2. Once charged the Solarpod 240 is ready to go. Your device can be plugged into either; the USB port or the car plug and then turn on the power button, or the mains plug and then turn on the 230V button.

    When to use it

    The portability and convenience of the Solarpod 240 make it ideal for use in a wide variety of situations and industries including tourism, construction and trade, the government and armed forces, emergency services, festivals and fairs, photography, technology, and camping, boating and outdoor activities. It is a reliable and durable product, perfect for harsh weather conditions and the outdoors, and its flexibility means it can power anything, anywhere.

    If you’re travelling outdoors, camping, boating, or fishing then the Solarpod provides an excellent source of power for you to keep your gadgets charged and your fridge and camp lights powered. Use it as your personal solar power supply at tradeshows, festivals and exhibitions or when there is limited available mains power such as on a bus trip or cruise ship. Onsite jobs will be that much easier when there is a readily available power source nearby, and you can easily keep going with your work or emails when a blackout affects your home. It is also a fantastic backup power supply and disaster relief for countries, cities or rural areas affected by storms or cyclones. The uses for an effective portable power pack are endless and can be of great benefit to anyone.

    This compact and lightweight power pack lets you carry your power source with you wherever you go, allowing you to always continue your mobile communications, work and entertainment.

    Why you need one

    The benefits to owning a portable power pack are numerous, but there are a few main undisputable advantages to having your own personal power supply wherever you go: Instant Power When You Need it Most: During a cyclone, blackout or out in the bush, being able to connect instantly to a power supply for lighting or to charge your mobile phone for calling loved ones delivers a peace of mind and a reprieve from feeling cut off from the outside world.

    Easy to use: The Solarpod 240 Solar Generator is remarkably simple to operate, only needing to be plugged in and then it’s ready to go. Even if you’re not very skilled with technology, you’ll have no trouble at all using it and keeping all your devices connected. It’s also very light and compact and designed for portability, so it’s easy to transport and take with you when you’re on the move.

    Adaptable Charging: Its flexibility means you can use it to charge any electronic device or appliance, as it has sockets and ports that are compatible with every sort of device. Whether you need a USB port for your smartphone or an AC plug for your laptop or camp fridge, recharging will always be a breeze.

    Durable: Take your portable power pack wherever you go, whether it is to the severe heat of the outback, an unstable camping environment or just to the office. Its sturdy and durable nature ensures it will last through harsh weather conditions and always be operating efficiently and reliably to keep you well connected over its long life.

    Good for the environment:Solar power is a completely environmentally friendly source of energy compared to more conventional energy sources such as fuel powered generators. It does not contribute to pollution or greenhouse gases, and has no harmful toxins or chemicals. The portable power pack also gets rid of the need to keep buying replacement batteries for your devices, and its rechargeable nature means it doesn’t need any replacement batteries for itself. Batteries contribute a large amount of pollution and toxic waste to the environment when they are disposed of because of the chemicals that they are made up of, and reducing the need for them is a huge advantage to the environment and wildlife.

    Maintain your portable power pack

    The Solarpod 240 Solar Generator is very easy to care for and maintain. Simply dust it regularly with a clean dry cloth to prevent dirt and dust from building up in the vents, inputs and outputs. Keep it stored in clean and dry place when you are not using it, so moisture cannot get inside. And it is recommended that you recharge your power pack after each time you use it (or every 1-2 months) for better power efficiency and a longer life.

    Power your world with Solarpod

    RolaSolar is proudly affiliated with the Solarpod range by Sunbird Solar and we are confident that together with this trusted and reputable brand we can deliver the most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly solar power solution for your needs.

    The Solarpod Solar Generators are one of the market leaders in portable power packs and solar generators. If you have any questions about the product, we have the answers to some commonly asked questions on our FAQ page. Or if you need further information you can feel free to get in touch with us using our online contact form or by giving us a call on (07) 3879 2991.

  • Solarpod 240 Solar Generator



    • Weight: 4.5 Kg (9.92 lbs)
    • Dimensions: 250 x 195 x 110 mm
    • Operating Temp: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
    • Warranty: 12 Months
    • Certifications: CE
      Low voltage directive: 2006/95/EC
      Electromagnetic Compatibility directive: 2004/108/EC


    • Charging port: Solar panel and mains charger (12V, 4A)
    • Max power: 150W
    • Min-Max Voltage: 13.5V to 15.5V
    • Max Amperage: 10A


    • Mains socket: 400W, Modified-sine wave Customised: 110V or 240V depending on market needs
    • USB Standard Port: 5.0V, 2A (10W)
    • Car adaptor: 12V
    • AC wall charger: 5 hours
    • 60W foldable panel: 5-6 hours
    • Shelf Life: Charge every 12 months


    • Battery Type: LiFePo4
    • Battery Capacity: 240Wh (12V, 20Ah)
    • Life-span: After 1500 cycles (cycle = charge and discharge) up to 85% performance


    • Dimensions: 446 x 359 x 179 mm
    • Solar case weight: 8.5kg
    • Standard case weight: 7.1kg


    • Solarpod 240
    • Standard Aluminium Case
    • 240 volt Charge Adapter
    • 12 volt Car Charge Adapter
    • Solar MC-4 Charge Lead
    • Spare Fuses
    • Operators Manual


    Solarpod 240 works straight from the box and no tricky set up is required. To use the Solarpod 240 complete the following steps: Charge your Solarpod 240; either via solar panel or the mains charger

    Plug in your appliance into:

    • USB port, and turn on the power button
    • The 12v car plug (this works straight away no need to have any buttons on)
    • The mains plug, and turn on the 240V button
    • Your appliance is now powered by Solarpod 240

    One full charge will run a:

    • 15W lamp for 16 hours
    • smartphone up to 40 charges
    • 35W laptop for 7 hours
    • standard 40W TV for 6 hours


    • Outdoors/adventure/camping/boating/fishing
    • Trade shows and exhibitions as your personal power supply
    • Disaster relief
    • Back-up power supply for typically power stricken countries, cities, or rural areas.
    • Onsite jobs
    • Rental purpose – when there are groups of people who will not have power and you can rent them this service. Examples include festivals, camping, bus trips, and cruises.
    • As a gadget for someone who has everything
    • And more!
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