Solarpod 1K (Solarpod Pro 1000) is the latest in Solarpod technology. With 960Wh this is the most powerful lightweight unit on the market! Whether as backup power for cyclone affected areas, power grid outage, or as a mobile generator for your campsite or anywhere you need a power plug! No Fuel, No Noise, No Smell and No running cost. Solarpod 1K powers your world! 


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  • Solarpod 1K + 120 Watt Folding Solar Panel

    Combining two great products to complete your solar generator system. Save by purchasing both products at the same time.

    Solarpod 1K

    Solarpod 1K (Solarpod Pro 1000) is the latest in Solarpod technology. With 960Wh this is the most powerful lightweight unit on the market! Whether as backup power for cyclone affected areas, power grid outage, or as a mobile generator for your campsite or anywhere you need a power plug! Solarpod 1K powers your world! 

    Stay productive and smart off the grid

     The Solarpod™ 1K is a portable power station that can support most home appliances and electric power tools. The 960Wh battery capacity with a 1000W Pure Sine Wave inverter delivers a crisp, clean AC output that enables prolonged self-sufficiency off-the-grid. Apart from serving as a personal power backup or mobile power source Solarpod 1K provides professional grade power for disaster relief efforts. The incredibly compact and lightweight Solarpod 1K delivers this capability while being remarkably simple to use.

    On one full charge Solarpod 1K can power:

    •  Mini-Refrigerator: 36 hours
    • Laptop Computer: 28 Hours Additional Usage
    • Mini-Fridge, Laptop, TV, Smart Phone and Tablet: 8¾ Hours (Longer if charging with solar panels)
    Refer to the download tab for a detailed review of how long your Solarpod 1K will last including a comparision with standard AGM power packs.

    This folding solar panel comes with an lithium battery solar regulator and as an option the kit can be customised with a lead acid battery MPPT solar regulator and wiring for charging standard 12v batteries to suit the customers requirements.

    120W Foldable Solar Panel

    For Solarpod Pro 1000 - No Solar Charge Controller

    The 120W foldable solar panel is designed to be a mobile solar charging panel. To use, unfold, place in the sun, and angle with feet to the exact direction of the sun’s rays. This set up allows for optimal efficiency. When finished fold away and store at your convenience.

    This foldable solar panel can be customised with a MPPT charge controller and wiring to suit customer requirements.

  • Solarpod 1K (Solarpod Pro 1000) Specifications


    • Weight: 15.9 Kg
    • Dimensions: 400 x 262 x 257 mm / 15.7" x 10.3" x 10.1" (L x H x D)
    • Operating Usage Temp.: 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
    • Warranty: 2 Years
    • Certifications: CE:
      Low voltage directive: 2006/95/EC
      Electromagnetic Compatibility directive: 2004/108/EC


    • Charging port (DC IN): Solar panel (24V) and AC/DC wall charger (29V, 10A)
    • Max Charging Power: 300W
    • Min-Max Charging Voltage: 28V to 34V
    • Rated: DC 29V / 10A
    • Max Charging Current: 20A


    • Mains socket: 1,000W Pure Sine Wave with two 230V AC Outlets
    • Customised: 110V on request
    • USB Standard Port: 4 x 5.0V, 2A (10W each port)
    • Car adaptor: 12V, 15A

    Charging Time (from full discharge)

    • AC/DC wall charger: 4.5 hours
    • 1x 120W solar panel (24V): 10 hours
    • 4x 120W solar panels (24V): 2.5 Hours (under optimal sunlight conditions)
    • 12/24 volt car charger: 8 hours
    • Shelf Life: Charge every 12 months


    • Battery Type: LiFePo4 (Lithium iron phosphate)
    • Battery Capacity: 960Wh (24V, 40Ah)
    • Life-span: After 2,000+ cycles (cycle = charge and discharge) up to 85% performance.


    • Solarpod 1K
    • 240 volt Charge Adapter
    • 12 volt Car Charge Adapter (optional)
    • Inline Solar Regulator
    • Spare Fuses
    • Operators Manual

    How to use

    Solarpod 1K works straight from the box and no set up is required. To use the Solarpod 1K complete these following steps:

    1. Charge your Solarpod 1K;
    2. either via solar panel,
    3. Vehicle charge adapter (Optional)
    4. or the AC/DC wall charger.

    Plug your appliance into:

    •  USB port, and turn on the power button
    • The car plug, and turn on the power button
    • The mains plug, and turn on the 110/220V button

     Your appliance is now powered by Solarpod 1K.

    What will it run

    With 1,000W of power and a Pure Sine Wave, Solarpod 1K is capable of running every product up to 1,000W.

    Examples include:

    • Televisions, DVD players, and speakers
    • All types of lighting
    • Fans, Air conditioner/ Electric heating up to 1,000W
    • Fridges and freezers
    • Cell phones, laptops, computers,
    • Cameras, and MP3 players and more

    120 Watt Solar Panel Specifications

    Technical Details:

    • Alloy framed glass
    • Monocrystalline cells
    • High cell efficiency
    • Warranty 1 year



    • Folded: 648x676x70mm (With handles 648x727x70mm)
    • Unfolded: 648x1352x35mm (With handles 648x1452x35 mm)
    • Weight: 13.7 Kg

    With packaging

    • (840x762x170mm)
    • Weight: 16.5 Kg

    Power Output

    • Max Power Pm(W): 60W x2
    • Electrical tolerance of up to +-3%.
    • Maximum Operating Voltage Vm(V): 36V
    • Maximum Operating Current Im(A): 3.34A
    • Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V): 42.44V
    • Short Circuit Current ISC(A): 3.75A


    • 120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel
    • 10 metre Mc-4 Charge Lead
    • Soft Protective Carry Case
    • Solar Charge Controller Not Included (Controller Build into Solarpod Pro 1000)
      (Controllers and cables for 12 volt battery charging SOLD SEPARATELY)

    How to use with The Solarpod 1K (Solarpod Pro 1000)

    The 120W foldable panel is made up of two 60W/12V solar panels connected in series. It is used simply by plugging the male and female MC4 plugs in to the female and male MC4 Solarpod 1K inline solar charge controller. Plug charge lead into Solarpod 1K. Multiple panels can be connected in parallel to generate more power.

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