Portable Solar Power

Portable solar power is the perfect solution for when you’re on the move. If you want clean, quiet, sustainable power while you’re away from home then this is the answer. With its energy-efficiency, flexibility, convenience and reliability, there is no better option than portable solar power for all your off grid or emergency power supply needs.

Whether you’re travelling the outback, camping, fishing, boating, an offsite worker, or are just outdoors a lot and need a reliable power source away from the grid, RolaSolar has exactly what you need. We have a huge range including; roll-out solar charge kits, Stick-on solar panels, solar generators, battery monitors and much more, so you can be sure to find your perfect portable solar power solution. Using only the highest quality components and materials in all our products, and our affiliation with the most trusted and reputable brands in the world, we can provide you with a portable power supply that best suits your needs and requirements.

  • We Have the Portable Solar Power Solution for You

    RolaSolar not just has is own Quality manufactured roll out flexible solar panel charge kits but have strong ties with the world’s top solar power product brands including Xunlight, Genasun, Nokero, Global Solar and Doble Outdoors so you can be confident that you are getting only the highest quality portable solar power products when you shop with us. Our convenient online store is always available 24/7, so you can shop with us at any time of the day or night, and all our trusted products come with a minimum of 12 months warranty so you can rest assured that they are made to endure even the toughest outdoor conditions.

    All our solar power products are completely portable, flexible and durable.

  • Solar Charge Kits

    Our uniquely designed roll-out solar charge kits are built to withstand the severe conditions of the great outdoors, built for convenience and performance. They are lightweight and portable and can be taken with you wherever you go, bringing you reliable solar power when you’re on the move. Easy to assemble and packed with the very latest in solar technology, they are durable to withstand the great outdoors.

    All our solar charge kits come fully equipped with flexible glass-free roll-out solar panels, an MPPT charge controller, all connecting leads and storage bags. They are available in 50, 100, 200 watts and can also be custom build to customer requirements.

  • Solarpod Range of Solar Generators

    Solarpod offers a wide range of revolutionary solar power storage generators to keep you plugged in and your mind at ease. Whether you need backup power in a power grid outage or a portable generator for your campsite, Solarpod is the product to keep you connected. Included in the Solarpod portable solar power generator range is the Solarpod 240, the most powerful lightweight unit on the market the Solarpod Pro 1000, and the small electronic device solar charger the Solarpod Buddy. There is sure to be a Solar generator to meet your needs.

    Have a look at our FAQ’s for the answers to any questions you may have about your Solarpod products.

    Solar panels

    Our solar panels are completely flexible, available as roll-up panels, stick-on or foldable panels depending on your needs, this handy function differentiates them from the standard glass solar panels and makes them completely portable. Throw them over your car or lay them on the ground, bring them with you wherever you go to charge your phone, power your portable fridge or the television so you don’t miss that important sports event while you’re outback camping.

    Remaining Range

    Solar Lights

    Here at RolaSolar we also provide a range of solar light bulbs and light poles. Browse our solar lights to find the right solar powered lighting solution for you.

    Solar accessories

    Our range of solar accessories include leads, circuit breakers, solar cables and watt meters. Visit our online store to find all your portable solar power needs in one convenient place.

  • Why Solar Energy?

    Solar energy is a clean, easy and effective way of generating power without paying thousands of dollars in electricity costs or damaging the environment with the overuse of fossil fuels to power generators. By generating your own energy supply from the sun with our range of portable solar power solutions, you will be able to provide enough power for your electronic appliances whenever you travel or don’t have access to a main power outlet. Our solar power products are great for everyone whether you are camping, travelling, or just want the peace of mind of having an emergency power supply for backup whenever you might need it.

    • It’s a completely renewable resource. Sunlight is a natural source of power and one that we will never run out of, making it renewable as well as sustainable. This is unlike fossil fuels, which is currently what most people use to supply power.
    • It’s good for the environment. Our efficient solar power solutions create a reliable source of power without producing global warming pollution or emissions. This makes it one of the most environmentally-friendly sources of electricity, compared to oil which releases harmful greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide when it is burnt by noisy generators to produce power. In addition, the use of portable solar power products eliminates the need for not only a main power supply but also for constantly replacing batteries. The overuse of batteries is also causing a significant amount of damage to the environment because of the toxic chemicals inside them that are very difficult to break down, causing soil and water pollution and endangering wildlife.
    • It produces energy silently. These silent energy producers make no noise as they are generating sunlight into electricity, making them perfect for outdoor use. Much better than the deafening scream of a generator under full load using our solar generators you won’t bother anyone nearby, and won’t affect the natural quiet of the outdoors whenever you use your portable solar power products.
    • It will save you money. After the initial cost of the product there are no ongoing costs to run or maintain it. Sunlight is free, and you’ll be able to keep harnessing the energy from the sun without having to keep paying for electricity or fuel for your generator. This will save you a lot of money over time.
    • It’s consistent and reliable. The sun is consistent and will always be there, making solar power an extremely reliable source of power. Your portable solar power products will store energy from the sun so you’ll be able to use it for power even when there is no actual sunlight. This means that even at night or on cloudy days, you’ll still have a consistent and reliable power supply.
    • It doesn’t require any maintenance. Solar power products require little to no maintenance in order to keep them running effectively. There are no moving parts in a solar cell, which means it is nearly impossible to really damage them and easy to maintain them. Your convenient portable solar power solutions will last a very long time without any maintenance, and you also don’t need to carry around cans of fuel or oil to keep them powered while you’re on the move.
  • Harness & Store Solar Energy

    With RolaSolar’s powerful portable solar power solutions you can harness and store the power of the sun for your personal use. Our technology advancements allow our exclusive products to get you more power with more ease, bringing portability, convenience and efficiency to a whole new level. Easy to use and easy to move, we are confident that our products will meet all your portable solar power needs and make your life on the move a whole lot easier.

    It takes the sun only 75 minutes to provide the same amount of energy that the world currently consumes in a year. The energy-efficiency and effectiveness of solar power is incomparable to any other source of energy, and now you can have the power of the sun even when you’re away from home and on the go with our range of convenient portable solar power solutions.

    Our passion for and knowledge about convenient solar solutions make us the top choice for all your portable power supply needs.

  • How Solar Energy Works

    The sun generates solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity for your solar power products by using a cell of semiconductor material which creates an electrical voltage when it is exposed to the sun’s energy. This is the same as how household rooftop solar panels generate electricity. Our solar panels are simply more flexible and portable to allow easy use and storage, but they work in exactly the same way as glass solar panels would on your rooftop.

    An effective solar power system produces a reliable and efficient power source through a relatively simple process. The solar panel is made up of solar cells, and when sunlight enters the solar cells the energy from the sun charges electrons, causing them to move through a thin layer of wiring in a particular direction. As these electrons move through the wiring, they create electricity that powers your electrical devices.

    This convenient and clean power source means you can keep your devices charged when you’re outdoors or travelling, and a wall power outlet isn’t available. They are ideal as an emergency power source, when severe weather or blackouts cause main power grids to shut down, and in remote areas where power grids are scarce. If you’re camping, hiking, or going walkabout in a remote area then you no longer have to carry a gas fuelled generator with you along with extra fuel. These fantastic portable energy sources mean you can have electricity while you’re on the move without emitting any fumes or pollutants that can severely harm the environment. As they are also completely silent when they are running, you won’t disturb the natural quiet of your environment or bother your neighbours with noisy generators.

    With our portable solar power solutions you can stay connected and comfortable even when you’re off the grid, no matter where you are or what time of day it is. You don’t need sunlight for your solar power product to work, because the sun’s energy will be stored in the batteries for you to use at night or when it’s cloudy. This clean, quiet and convenient source of energy is the perfect solution for anyone who is on the move and wants a reliable power source they can carry with them at all times, or if you just want the peace of mind of an emergency power supply that you can use as a dependable backup in a blackout


Our roll-out solar charge kits come packed with the latest in solar technology. Our solar panels are completely flexible, differentiating themselves from standard glass solar panels.


Our roll-out solar charge kits are great for outdoor activites as they can be taken wherever you go. Lightweight and portable, our roll-out solar charge kits bring you power to keep you charged when your out and about.


Our roll-out solar charge kits are flexible and durable. They can withstand most weather conditions and will last out in the harsh enviroment.

solarpod range

Solarpod 240 is a portable solar generator, a revolutionary product which brings you portable solar energy storage. Whether as backup power for cyclone affected areas, grid power outage, or as a mobile solar generator for your campsite, the solarpod 240 will come in handy anywhere you need a power plug! Solarpod powers your world!

The Solarpod Buddy is the perfect solar charger for your small electronic devices. Free yourself from the main grid, and charge your devices with the internal 2800mah battery and solar energy.

Solarpod Pro 1000 is the latest in Solarpod technology. With 960Wh this is the most powerful lightweight unit on the market! Whether as backup power for cyclone affected areas, grid power outage, or as a mobile generator for your campsite or anywhere you need a power plug! Solarpod Pro 1000 powers your world!