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Solarpod Buddy FAQ
What do the LED lights on Solarpod Buddy show?

They show the level of charge on the Buddy. For example : 1 LED = 10%-30%, 2 LED’s = 31-70% and 3 LED’s = 71-100%. While charging by USB these levels will flash at the level of charge. When finished charging, all three blue LED indicators will stop flashing and remain lit.

How can I see how much power is in the Solarpod Buddy?

While not on charge, push the power button on the front of the Solarpod Buddy and refer to the LED lights.

How will I know Solarpod Buddy is charging my device?

The blue LED indictor should turn ON for 5 seconds confirming that your device is being charged. After 5 seconds, the blue LED indicator will turn off as your device continues to be charged by the Solarpod Buddy.

What does the small red light mean?

It shows that the Solarpod Buddy is being charged by the solar panel.

How long does it take to charge Solarpod Buddy?

Through the solar panel: 13-16 hours (under full sunlight conditions) and through the Micro-USB input port: 3-4 hours. Before first use, please charge through USB input for 8 hours.

Can a small external solar panel be connected to Solarpod Buddy to charge faster in the sun?

Yes, as long as the maximum solar panel output is 5.0V, 500mA

What if the accessory plug I need is not included with Solarpod Buddy?

You are still able to use Solarpod Buddy. As long as your device has a charging cable, plug it in to the USB port. It can still charge your device.

Solarpod 240 FAQ
What is the weight of Solarpod 240 ?

Solarpod 240: 4.5kg, Solarpod 240 with standard case : 7.1kg, Solarpod 240 with solar case : 8.5kg

Can I plug any solar panels into Solarpod 240?

Yes, any solar panels are acceptable as long as they are 12V with MC4 connectors. We would recommend a 60W foldable panel as an excellent portable solution.

How much time will it take to fully charge Solarpod 240?

Charging from the AC/DC wall charger will take up to 5 hours. If you choose to use the 60W foldable panel it will take 6 hours under ideal weather conditions.

Can Solarpod 240 be charged by a solar panel when the sky is cloudy?

Yes, but it will take longer for a complete charge, efficiency will be reduced.

If Solarpod 240 is charged continuously even at full charge, will it be damaged?

The battery management system protects the battery against this. You will not damage it after full charge.