So you've bought a portable solar panel but you're not happy with the performance or quality of the system components. Upgrade to the Rolasolar upgrade kit and gain performance now!


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  • Portable Solar Panel Upgrade Kit - up to 260 watts

    So you've bought a solar panel but you're not happy with the performance or quality of the system components. This is usually due to one or more of the following issues:

    • The regulator is mounted to the back of the solar panel conducting high heat,
    • low quality PWM solar regulator is used,
    • light gauge wiring which causes a large voltage drop to the battery,
    • poor quality connections used throughout the system.

    True sometimes the cause of low performance may also be a low grade solar cell was used in the construction of the system. This is common in cheap solar panels but may not be evident in the short term as the solar cells age. This factor can not be fixed once the purchase as been made unless the low performance is proved and a warranty claim is made against the retailer.

    If you have a reasonably build portable solar panel kit which has issues as listed above we can help gain better performance from your system.

    This Kit can also be used to convert a standard solar panel into a portable solar charge kit.

    What's in the kit:

    • 1x EP Solar 20A 12/24V (260/520W) Solar Charge Controller 2210A - fitted with a yellow, blue and grey anderson plug and lead.
    • 1x MC-4 to Anderson (Yellow) plug lead 5m.
    • 1x Anderson (grey) to Anderson (grey) lead 2.5m.
    • 1x Battery Clamp to Anderson Plug (grey) lead.
    • 2x pairs of MC-4 plug sets.

    All leads are manufactured from quality 4mm2 solar twin core solar cable which is UV resistant, double insulated and tinned to resist corrosion in harsh environments.

    Overview of the included regulator

    260/520W 20A 12/24V EP Solar Solar Charge Controller

    Tracer 2210A adopts common positive design and advanced MPPT control algorithm. The products can track the MPP point fast and accurately in any situation which will improve energy efficiency and obtain the maximum solar energy. 


    • Advanced MPPT technology
    • High tracking efficiency no less than 99.5%
    • Peak conversion efficiency of 98% 
    • Ultra-fast tracking speed 
    • Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power point 
    • Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively 
    • User programmable for battery types, load control etc. 
    • 3-Stage charge with PWM output 
    • Common positive grounding design 
    • RS485 port with industrial standard MODBUS open architecture 
    • Fully programmable function via PC software or remote meter

    Electronic protections:

    • PV reverse polarity protection 
    • PV short circuit protection
    • PV over current alarm protection 
    • Battery overcharge protection 
    • Battery over discharge protection 
    • Battery reverse polarity protection 
    • Load short circuit protection 
    • Load overload protection
    • Controller overheating protection


  • Specifications of the 260/520W 20A 12/24V EP Solar Solar Charge Controller



    Nominal system voltage

    12/24VDC auto work

    Rated charge current


    Rated discharge current


    Battery input voltage range


    Max. PV open circuit voltage

    (at minimum operating environment temperature)

    92V (at 25℃ environment temperature)

     MPP voltage range

    VBAT+2V~ 72V

    Max. PV input power

    260W (12V) 520W (24V)

     Equalize charging voltage

    Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V

     Boost charging voltage

    Gel: 14.2V, Sealed: 14.6V,
    Flooded: 14.8V

      Float charging voltage


     Low voltage reconnect voltage


     Low voltage disconnect voltage



    ≤20mA/12V; ≤16mA/24V

    Temperature compensation coefficient

    -3mV/ ºC/2V (25 ºC)

    Working temperature

    -25 ºC ~+45 ºC

    Enclosure Rating


    Overall dimension

    220 x 154 x 52mm

    Power terminals

    6AWG (16mm2)

    Net weight


  • Product Downloads

    pdfEP Solar A Series Controller Data SHeet(394.5 KB )Download
    pdfEP Solar A Series Controller Manual(1.08 MB )Download
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